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1. Hi. I am a 46 year old male, but also a latex cross-dresser. I feel I offer both the masculine and feminine. Please contact me to see my discreet photos. I have a four year university degree, speak English and Japanese, and maintain a full time, professional job. I also operate an adult f*t!sh website, which features me in various [email] and sexual situations. I seek a mature, literate person who feels passionate about my photos and has the courage to meet me in real life. Thank you.
Age: 50 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Ann Arbor, Detroit, Michigan (MI) USA

2. SEEKING A FRIEND FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE Hello: I am seeking a Gay Best Friend who will be my friend (and optionally my lover) with whom to spend the rest of my life (our lives). He does not necessarily have to live with me, but I want to see him every day and enjoy being together in my home in “Paradise”, and also spend time together going out to dine, museums, tourist attractions, historical sites, and whatever else we might both decide is fun and enjoyable, including cruises and traveling. BUT this Best Friend must be someone committed to our friendship (and hopefully to our relationship). As I was saying, I want to be in a relationship with someone who will be my best friend….the person that I want to do everything with….going to movies, dancing, eating out, eating in, relaxing at home, I wish to be with someone who is a peaceful and respectful person. There will always arise differences of opinion when two people are in a relationship; but if those two people are committed to resolving those differences, in a respectful manner, then there is no problem that cannot be overcome, and the relationship will be made stronger for the experience. I wish to be in love, and feel love in return…completely, and without reservation. I hope these things can be, and would be important to you also. I am a very sincere and loving person. Please be sincere and loving with me as well. I desire this Best Friend to live with me. I understand that people have different personal needs, and/or maybe they need to take things one-step at a time. So I want an potential Boyfriends/Lovers to know that I am open to sharing my bed, or if not a room, or if not separate rooms as long as we love, and support, and care for each other -- in other words, as long as we are BEST FRIENDS and we truly love each other and are dedicated to each other. BLESSINGS, ónal PLEASE CONTACT ME! I would like to receive from you: (a) To see your photos (b) To read your life story (c) To read what you want out of life (d) To know what you desire in a relationship with me AND (e) What you are bring to our relationship.
Age: 51 | seeks gay g0y man dating in El Yunque Rainforest, Rio Grande, PR (PR) Rio Grande PUERTO RICO

3. Gannet, a self-made, financially independent male human being, has a current opening for the position of 'boyfriend '. Suitable candidates will be stable, independent, and articulate. Gannet is not an equal opportunity employer, and therefore applicants will need to be male, aged 34-44, single, attractive, and have a full set of teeth. (However, due consideration will be given to those candidates able to demonstrate proper gumming.) Although this position is currently open indefinately, only those with photos will be short-listed for interviews.
Age: 52 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Dubai, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

4. hi dear, how are you today? i hope fine i wish to be your friend as i really like your profile here please kindly contact me through my email id [email] i will also send you my photos yours friend celine/ celinefredom a h o t m a i l.c o m
Age: 27 | seeks gay g0y man dating in New Uork, Anchorage, Alaska (AK) USA

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