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Age: 42 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Chattanooga, Tennessee (TN) USA

Age: 44 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Danbury, All, Connecticut (CT) USA

863. I am a man that wants to have a close g0y relationship with a like minded man in my area.
Age: 49 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Lakeland Winter Haven, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 51 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Rural Area, Texas (TX) USA

865. nsa hookups
Age: 28 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Anywhere, Gulfport, Mississippi (MS) USA

Age: 41 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Country Club, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

Age: 48 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Downtown, Rural Area, Arkansas (AR) USA

868. looking for lovelooking for love
Age: 28 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Alabany, Albany, New York (NY) USA

Age: 46 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Mar Vista - Culver City, Los Angeles, California (CA) USA

Age: 35 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Broward, Miami, Florida (FL) USA

Age: 52 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina (NC) USA

872. I’m an athletic dude who has been searching for other like-minded dudes. I enjoy the male-bonding experience, enjoy frot, touching/rubbing but am completely turned off by the top/ b0tt0m [email] dynamic that gay guys encourage and enjoy.
Age: 39 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Dallas, Texas (TX) USA

Age: 27 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Gadsden, All, Alabama (AL) USA

874. i will like you to contact me with
Age: 27 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Alabama, Rural Area, Arkansas (AR) USA

875. Hello, Sam here, I ’m in San Jose, 35 and a really clean and FUN outgoing guy. I ’m available today..(Right now) and yes I drive. I don ’t know if you would be into it, but I ’m a VERY svbm!ss!v* Diaper Boy. I like to wear a diaper..(I wear a Med. Depends:-) and plastic pants, and I LOVE the way it feels when I wet my diaper and it fills the seat....and I would REALLY like a Daddy that might be willing to [email] his naughty little boy before pulling down his wet diaper and playing with his b0tt0m as only Daddy can do. I love to be penetrated and nurse on Daddy as well. (I don ’t mess my diapers, it ’s a big mess to clean up, unless Daddy insists I do :-). I love to be treated like a naughty toddler who really should be potty trained and not in diapers. I live in San Jose but drive and am free and AVAILABLE all day today AS WELL AS TONIGHT!. I ’m clean cut, disease/std/HIV/common cold free. I ’m Bi, successful, good looking (Yea, I could lose 10 lbs:-) Single (I live with my cat) but can not host. I ’m looking to meet someone for REAL (Not just online!) that would Really like to MEET for real. Today would be a bonus. I can be reached at 310-634-7346. I ’m VERY VERY discreet and I hope YOU are as well. I have attached a few pictures and I hope if you like ’em you ’ll send me yours, and call....all I ask is that your over 18, clean, not a Meth head, not a drunk or doper, and not a psyco.(Beer, 420, cigs..OK with me:-) My experience with guys has been limited, so I hope you understand. In the past I have had the pleasure of enjoying light [email] spanking, hogtied, bvtt plugs, catheters and ball gags. I have been spanked with a bare hand, paddle (Large and small) One time that was REALLY hot was when a friend tied me down, put in a vibrating bvtt plug, diapered me, and a ball gag and blindfold. THEN SPANKED ME WITH THE bvtt PLUG IN! :-) It was an amazing afternoon! A session of at least a couple of hours would be fun and if we both enjoy it, maybe it can be a reg. thing. Anyway..call me, 310-634-7346. I ’m looking to meet today....right now....and I ’m available. I need a spanking Daddy, and your pee pee in my b0tt0m Grin:-) Let ’s chat on the phone for a sec, I ’ll put an address in my GPS and we could be having fun in no time. You....You should be outgoing, fun, REALLY willing to meet for REAL, age, weight, habits, hang ups, I ’m easy to get along with and enjoying life! I ’m pretty open minded, you be as well. -Sam Three, one, Oh, Six, three, 4, seven, 3 four six
Age: 36 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Eastridge Mall, San Jose, California (CA) USA

Age: 21 | seeks gay g0y man dating in South Shore, Boston, Massachusetts (MA) USA

Age: 19 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Orange County, California (CA) USA

Age: 43 | seeks gay g0y man dating in New Albany, Louisville, Kentucky (KY) USA

Age: 27 | seeks gay g0y man dating in New York, Fairbanks, Alaska (AK) USA

Age: 40 | seeks gay g0y man dating in Dubai, Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES

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