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A man who is currently single and looking for friends or dating or a long term relationship or
I want to find my brother and my best friend.
I am into G0Y I am looking for a man to have as a lover
I’m drawn to g0y relationships , the bond both mental and physical, the energy that develops
I discovered g0y back in 2013. Married, but still looking for that special g0y buddy.
The majority of the g0ys gentlemen I chat with in the past are genuine and always open to share
I was married for 54 years she died from liver cancer 2 years this August. My handicapped son died
I do identify as gay but don't like the derogatory language used (bitch, girl, queen, etc.) don't

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Looking for a really close friendship with another masculine type like myself. I have a fairly wide
I am bisexual and very sexual. I enjoy oral pleasure and masturbating (among other interests) and
I’m looking for friends, dates, etc.
Hi..Friendship or long term relationship, fun,fantasy and fem.
I am looking for a bud/goy lover to be able to exeprience the true love and friendship between men
I am looking for a friend or LTR with someone that is into Jacking off and frottage
Looking for friendship at the moment.
Low key, easy going.

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