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I want to find my brother and my best friend.
Am a deaf gentleman who is looking for a g0y guy for LTR. I speak and lipread good.
G0y MAN looking for like minded running buds and friends!
I was married for 54 years she died from liver cancer 2 years this August. My handicapped son died
Single, masculine, stable, real, caring man, looking for masculine friendships and possibly more

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I m looking for bromance, friendship with a lot a empathy and collusion and,with time,tenderness and
It would be desirable to find careful,
I'm looking for frienships and a date if there is confidence and chemistry.
Exploring my G0y side. I enjoy the physical side of my friendships with my buds and want to take my
Sensual, attentive man
Looking for men who have the same sexual interests
I have spent years ( 15 years) trying to understand what are my feelings mean. Simply could not
I think I found myself...It is exciting but still trying to figure all this..I

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